HostGator Vs Reseller VPS

The advantages of top dedicated server hosting plans are quite overwhelming and these benefits make them an essential choice for any online business. Top dedicated server services to provide high quality, dedicated resources, guaranteed services, and best performance that are primarily used by your sites even without the aid of web server service, such dedicated resources to protect a site from any problem without any concern about downtime. Server downtime can cause serious problems in a business and also affect the clients who rely on your site for their information. This would also affect your business and severely affect the sales as many clients may lose confidence on you and will not spend money or give orders. This is why it is very important to choose the right kind of services for your site when you are choosing a top level dedicated server plan.

There are several options available to you when you opt for dedicated hosting server. The first thing to consider is the amount of memory that is allocated to each core of the server. There are many types of RAM available for dedicated servers and you need to make sure that you opt for the best RAM for the dedicated servers. This is because many of the websites use memory that is greater than the RAM installed on their machines. If this happens, your website may malfunction and users may lose their data. So it is important to ensure that you get the best possible RAM for the dedicated servers so that all your applications are running at optimum performance.

You may also choose to go with cPanel or Plesk. While cPanel is used primarily for the control panel of a server, Plesk is used more for managing the website. The most common features that are included in Plesk are Autoinstaller, Webroot Exe Manager, PHPBB Auto Installation, Custom Installers and SSL. Plesk is usually used more for the management purposes and functions of a dedicated server and cPanel does not provide support for it. However, if you require advanced functionality and have the technical knowledge and resources, you can opt for cPanel and then install various plugins and other things needed for your website. In addition, the configuration and interface of Plesk are very easy to customize and there are plenty of plug-ins that you can install for increasing the efficiency of your website.

Another disadvantage of using cPanel is that it restricts you to host more than one domain name. If you want to host other domain names besides your own business domain, then it becomes difficult to have multiple-domain hosting on the hostgator. However, if you are using the auto installer feature of the cpanel, then it is possible to have multiple-domain hosting and this makes multi-server management easier.

Another advantage of HostGator that comes at a price of almost $20 a month is the security features that it provides. Most of the data centers around the world have been targeted by cyber criminals and they do try to get into the server rooms and compromise the machines. Only HostGator is well protected from such attacks. The server security features that HostGator offers have several levels of protection. It uses encryption to protect the files, it limits access of the admin, and it even limits access of non- Admin users to the data center. This is one of the advantages of HostGator over other virtual server hosts.

While HostGator has several advantages over other companies that provide dedicated IPV4 hosting and reseller hosting, it does have some disadvantages as well. If you are looking to have a fully managed dedicated IPV4 web hosting account, then you will probably prefer HostGator. However, you can still have an excellent VPS hosting account with HostGator at a much lower price.

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